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 Our sister company Saltfire Stoves Ltd is a retailer and distributor of a large range of high quality hand made cast iron woodburning/multfuel stoves.

Also based at the Antique shop, there are usually more than 600 stoves in stock which can purchased online and quickly dispatched anywhere in the U.K.

You will be made most welcome when you visit our showroom here in Wareham, or if the journey is a bit far, see us on our dedicated stove website: 



Visit: for all of your Stove needs, including Vitreous Flue pipe, Twin wall Flexi Liner, Fire Cement and other accessories.



                                                Qualified to Advise

We are HETAS trained Solid Fuel advisors and we are designers and retailers of High Quality, CE approved, Cast iron stoves and will always be happy to give advice to help you get the appliance and system that you need.


                               Make The Switch

Wood is fast becoming the most popular fuel for heating homes, and with the onset of higher energy prices, there is no better time to begin using it as an alternative to Gas and Electricity.


                                              Go Green

Generating heat accounts for more than 40% of the UK's carbon emissions and the majority of that comes from heating our homes and water.

Wood is said to be a carbon neutral fuel as the amount of carbon dioxide created when it is burnt is equal to the amount taken up by the tree as it grows.


                   Reduce Fuel Bills!

A trailer full of ready-cut wood costs around £40 and will last several months. 

Switch to a Woodburning, Solid fuel appliance to heat your home and even your water, and expect to save huge amounts on your bills, and reduce your carbon footprint at the same time.


      !!!There has never been a better time to switch!!!



"The Ridge"    8Kw     £299

"The Furzebrook"

4.8Kw      £299

"The Kimmeridge" 

  8Kw             £299

"The Durlston" 10Kw         £339

"The Purbeck" 8Kw        £299


"The Wareham" 6-7Kw           £299

"The Steeple" 8Kw         £299

"The Lychett" 7.5Kw       £299

"The Dorset" 12Kw      £399

"The Langton" 7Kw           £299

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